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Senate Bill 49, which will fund our 100% Community Center in Dona Ana County, has passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee.  


WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP to get this bill heard in the Senate Finance and then in the House Appropriations Committee.   Time is ticking on this years legislative session so time is of the essence in contacting legislators to get our bill heard!


Below this message you will find message template to write an email of support for the 100% Community Center.  You will also find a list of legislators from each of the upcoming committees where you can email your message of support.  


Thank you for your help and please let your voice be heard in Santa Fe!



Please support SB 49 which funds a 3-year pilot program that would create a one-stop center to help families access the critical services they need for surviving and thriving.  The 100% Community Center will work with county-based and city-based service providers to strengthen existing services. Utilizing these three strategies:

·       Link families to 10 vital services.

·       Create a seamless system of parenting support from prenatal through young adulthood.

·       Build capacity by removing barriers to service, developing protocols among governmental and non-governmental entities, housing shared data, and seeking long-term funding for all 10 sectors.


Please vote YES on Senate Bill 49 to create a 100% Community Center in Dona Ana County.



(Your name and title)


Please send your email or call the following legislators in support of SB 49 (please click button below for contact list):

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